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    Valerie Igals

    What’s with the ever growing spam pm here?? I log on to check out what’s going on and all I see are news reports and advertisement on the boards…

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    Ben Matheson

    Yeah I thought there would be a lot more music and business related stuff in the forums. The meetup stuff is good, but other than that it is mostly spam… :/


    check out the 1980 or 1983 of the selling of penis pills I warned the member that minors are out here!16yrs and up. I looking for music and art and graffiti work! Admin please fix and junk the junk!


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    Pitchfork and Torches up! Me is joining the mob.

    All the (easily to delete) spam is ruining the forum.

    If you do not find the time to administer the forum, then please promote someone trustworthy to admin.

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    GUYS, we gotta Stick to what we do here and get a spam filter, soon… “This kind of what do you do with the drunken sailor” kinda s… about poking him as girl or boy aint my kind of issue. I need a hell lot of dope to even imagine that topic relevant once, eventually epedemically-like most turn a 360 n’ the pepople flee and sooooooo… this really gives me a reason to turn the volume up and kick that Dope Sick album max the bass n vol max up and bax up and fu.. the next one diss the Warriors and Dimes in line cuz it really gets me there, me… i dont need to hide, i dont have that problem hahahaha… oh, and yeah, i smack em up without even wearing my bax wear, (CoC, apply even to this point) thats how sick this amp me. No but serious, get this fucking shit off the earth and get the dudes and dolls active in this eh?… Need any help, just ask the dudes from some world i suspect a universal feel for agreed so maybe a lil warrior from space arrive and do a page with the # membernumber needed to get IN TO THE FORUM, something to keep theese droppings out, thank you…. Oh and,

    Respect and love to Bax War Fam.
    // Degen

    Ps. How do i get my people to sign up and make this look serious? could i make a facebook page and there from ally with the people i love to join us and who feel like i feel about this movement,family and all you great guys and gals!?! Just trying to provide, not provoke and if i on any way made a offence personal or went entirely offensive in this. Its just my language might not be 100% clean nor perfect since its my third.. So thus felt ill, know i am not intended and im sorry for that, i mean no family or supporter or anyone who dont spam, harm…

    Yeah, i HAVE written a book so dont even try to be smart-axe
    … Wow, i need to sleep. (maybe we should have me on spam filter… Maybe get a parental explicit bs sign on me to, so i get my words to go out like “fuck” = “darn”.. but they got the dope sick album i want to hope, so they knew what they did when they did and they did it.)

    Avatar of Crimsyn Symphony
    Crimsyn Symphony

    but seriously yeah, admins please help clear the boards of spam.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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