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A couple of months following his hard-hitting tour alongside Boston actor, La Coka Nostra leader,and solo artist Slaine, one of the hardest working, most controversial, and devoutly hardcore hip-hop MC Madchild sat down with Shed My Skin for some real talk. Not really so much about his headbanger of a new record “Lawn Mower Man,” but more a 101 crash course in how to pull oneself out of a deep personal.

Madchild connects the rise from his own ashes to the more solid individual he is today to not only overcoming mental illness and an addictive personality, but also recognizing when one’s social circle is doing them more harm than good, as well as addressing matters of health, name-dropping the big “W” as one of the key factors in any personal rebirth.

The big “W” being Water. In a time where Patron, Heineken, and Crown Royal flow freely, H2O is highly underrated especially for street survivors like Madchild, but that doesn’t stop him from citing its importance. He also cites exercising, eating better, and spending time with family as having helped him improve his quality of life in recent years. He talks of having learned to treat people how they want to be treated, and letting down the wall in order for love to enter into his heart.



  1. Avatar of battleaxebabe

    I love how Madchild actually talks about his personal battles and sends positive messages to everyone…even at the concert :)

  2. Avatar of Brody Zerr

    No joke, it’s amazing what water can do.

  3. Avatar of Jay Free

    As someone who struggles with mental health and an addictive personality himself I really appreciate Madchild opening up like this and talking to the press about his own battles. Hopefully more celebrities not just in Hip Hop but in other genres of entertainment will follow suit as well and help let kids know they are not alone.

  4. Avatar of Valerie Igals

    GREAT post! Thanx!

  5. Avatar of Brutal MC's ----Pauly

    big respect to all, who can speak openly about mental health issues.
    I am like up and down on a a fuckin yoyo string.
    i have struggled for years with the thoughts in my mind.
    it effects every part of my life
    my kids my social and my sanity.
    but if i try to be positive and follow my own dreams regardless of any unwanted feedback. Theres an unstoppable feeling that can be lifted from our dark thoughts.
    I love making beats and trying to rap ha ha this is true.
    hope u dont mind madchild but i had to do blood beast
    it’s so f n cool the lyrics are mind blowing. and the loop is the best.
    big big respect to our battleaxe movement
    swollen and the army we will prevail and bring back real hiphop.

    I’m a warrior

    brutal mc pauly

  6. Avatar of Pink ……….VANCITY

    What about Cyberbulling within the Fam! what do I do without revealing the person and having them retaliate . I’m extremely scared and depressed.

    • Avatar of luna

      you’re doing the right thing now by just talking about it

  7. Avatar of paul sale

    Bullying is hard specially when it comes from the fam, and alot of time depression results from how we feel about ourselves and how we deal with the situation. i know growing up i was picked on alot and my mom would tell me to deal with it with humor and make fun of yourself and the others will stop. That only works for so long till you start to believe you are what you say. All that shit builds up over the years and the next thing you know you have this pile you dont want to deal with. Alot of people me included turn to addiction to hide from it, and it doesnt have to just be addiction to drugs or booze, it can also be people and habits. truth though non of that crap makes you happy, you have to dig inside love yourself and the outside world will effect you less, cause you will find that the more you love yourself the less other people feel will matter to you. That hate they have is their own hurt coming out.

  8. Avatar of Steven Davies

    Absolutely agree, 100% truth, PMA!

  9. Avatar of GONZ

    Love it fully. Madchild’s openness about his battles and open about depression. Helpz me n letz me know i can dig my way out. PEACE. .

  10. Avatar of mikemission

    this Is one of the reason I became a warrior I struggle on the daily with anxiety and depression and somedays find it hard to win the battle. I have friends and family but they don’t always understand the demons its good to know I have this family and that there is others out there like me…. hit me up on here or fb if you got advice to beat this demon or you just wanna talk it out baxwar for life thank you madchild for helping me through a tough time by putting out vidoes like this one… just like “rhys” here said lets me know I can dig my way out………

    • Avatar of luna

      I’ve had an anxiety issue develop by the time I was 13 due to an event a few years prior… then i became depressed. Now I’m diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. The thing that bothers me most is that all these diagnoses are just our reactions

  11. Avatar of Jasper Van Doorn

    @mikemission i know how you feel, im diagnosed with bipolar and know depression at its best, you are not alone


  12. Avatar of Courtnay

    I’ve suffered with severe anxiety and depression my whole life but wasn’t diagnosed till in my teens. My life has been a constant struggle and full of all sorts of medications to try to ease the pain. I’ve had to learn how to cope through the hard times and it wasn’t easy. I’ve struggled with people bringing me down all my life and a person with a big heart a gold who would drop everything to help someone anytime of day or night I could never understand why people walked all over me. Now people can be cruel but I could never figure out why.. Why me why do people feel the need to be mean? I’ve asked myself this lots and just can never get it. Why can’t we all just get along and grow up. Guess I grew up learning to treat people with respect and to never be little others. See fam we all need to be better then people like that! We all need to take a stand say no to bullying. I’m reading that people are being bullied here and that just blows me away. I thought we all swore to be kind to each other to treat each other like family. Are people that self absorbed they can’t even hear themselves.. I rather spend my life spreading cheer and joy to everyone I meet. I don’t know but seems like the better way to go no? Don’t stand for peoples shit. As I get older I’m begining to care less and less although it can still hurt from time to time I just have no time to waste on people who are ignorant. Forget the past don’t dwell on it. I’ve spent years hiding away all the pain all the regrets and you know what that was such a waste. Only keep those who truly love you in your life. Those who don’t have your best interest at heart drop because they just going to keep bringing you down and you honestly deserve way better it may of took me 16 years to realize that most of the people in my life were no good but when I did and finally dropped them all I can truly say I have never felt happier. I met the love of my life who I marry this May and a amazing son who I love more then anything in this world. Life is to short to waste on the negative. It may seem dark right now but I always say no matter how dark it may be there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Its your time to shine this is a new and brighter year and use it to your full advantage. Time for a newer better you time for good no bad. Leave the negative behind! Happy new year everyone.that

  13. Avatar of Courtnay

    Sorry for the mistakes on my post got to love auto correct. Night everyone and remember be happy and smile!

  14. Avatar of krystal

    i am fighting depression axiety and ocd and i have been off drugs and booze for 2 years now it is not easy i tell you but i agree with the song
    it gets better lyric by lyric exactly mad love baxfam :)

    • Avatar of Pink ……….VANCITY

      Yeah Krystal , Your such a bud with your words about beind strong and ignore the negativity that wants to pull me down, I won’t fall back i’ll keep walk ahead , keep it BATTLE AXE man it’s hard even being excepted into the Fam! nothing comes easy these days i so feel like a Warrior insisting i’m valued

      oops ! .My ink was a no no but my sincerity and honesty its on my arm no one can take that away………. undergoing peaceful negotiations … tats 4lif


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