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BAXWAR SALE | The Jackel

ATTENTION BATTLEAXE WARRIORS AND DIMES! Take a second to check out the General Madchild’s BRAND NEW Music Video! Also! Don’t forget to check out the 13% off Halloween Sale! -…

SLAINE | By The Gun

Check out the trailer for By The Gun on iTunes and spread the link Warriors and Dimes! -Watch Here-

Madchild | The Jackel

Madchild: Remember to head over to the Battleaxe Store to watch My New music video The Jackel and check out the 13% Off Halloween Sale. Thank You – Watch here

Adlib | The HighWay Vlog #1

Top Tier Battleaxe Warrior and Philadelphia emcee Adlib is set to release his new album “The HighWay” October 28th. Check out the 1st official Vlog, Adlib sits down to talk…